Amphibian Activity Influenced by Water and Temperature of Agro Ecosystem in Nagapattinam District

As a group amphibians are the vertebrates most affected by anthropic activity water temperature, particularly by agriculture & non agriculture pond, grass land. The rapid advance of the agricultural frontier makes it important to identify the role of agro ecosystems as habitat supply for amphibians. Climate and agriculture are interrelated processes and both of which take place on a global scale. The relationship is four sided. Climate will affect agriculture through rainfall, temperature, activity and other conditions. Since some plants need specific conditions to grow. Nagapattinam district has been choose for the study and it has plain topography. The study area has tropical climate and it is suitable for agriculture. The rainfall is received during the North East monsoon and low rainfall from South west monsoon. The district is predominantly an agricultural region which lies in the Eastern part of Cauvery delta and it is called the Rice Bowl of Tamil Nadu. The present study area lies between. The Nagapattinam district lies on the east coast of the south Cuddalore district and another part of the Nagapattinam district lies to the south of Karaikkal and Tiruvarur districts. It is bordered by the Bay of Bengal. The district lies between 10°25’ and 11°40’ North Longitude and 76°49’ and 80° The climate and its impact on agriculture is analyzed based on the data collected and accordingly the study area and relevant maps for this study were prepared using Geographical information system.

201705023.Amphibian Activity Influenced by Water and Temperature of Agro Ecosystem in Nagapattinam District pdf.

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