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International Journal of Current Research and Development(IJCRD)is an online, peer reviewed journal and high quality research articles on all the aspects of Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Health Sciences, Engineering Science & Technology, Social Science and Education. Each sections covers different fields. Click on the sections for getting more details about the different sections and submit your article in appropriate section.

Article types published in IJCRD are review, Research Article and short communication.

For more information about preparation and submission of article see Guidelines to Author.

All the manuscript must be in English and should be submitted through the online and peer Revived system to the appropriate sections of IJCRD.

Special provision for publishing seminar, symposium, conference and workshop, Advertisement on the home page of the journal. These work are interested person may contact the managing Editor through the e-mail.


All manuscripts should be submitted to www.journalcrd.com or journalcrd@gmail.com/journalcrd@rediffmail.com along with covering letter for the information of Name,Contact phone number, e-mail address, Subject area, Title of the Paper, Author(s)Name, Institution(s)Address, Country Name

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